Premium Clevedon Coast Oysters have been grown in the clean, clear waters of New Zealand's Hauraki Gulf for over twenty years.
We cultivate, harvest and process only the juciest, ripest oysters from our two farming areas on the Clevedon Coast and Waiheke Island. 


Our oysters are:

When landed, we carefully select oysters that meet or exceed export specifications before distributing them to locations at home in New Zealand and all over the world.  Growing waters are approved under the United States Food and Drug Administration standards and the New Zealand government National Shellfish Sanitation Programme.

Our commitment at Clevedon Coast to a completely natural oyster is a long term philosophy, which is gaining recognition as there is growing consumer concern with genetically modified foods and unsafe growing practices. We take great pride in being recognised as an international leader in the production of natural oysters.


At Clevedon Coast we are well aware that natural oysters are a source of health promoting minerals, including iodine and essential amino acids, which are poorly supplied by a normal diet of meat and vegetables.

Recent research has also shown more important health benefits of oysters, such as their serum cholesterol lowering ability. This is thought to be due to high taurine and hypotaurine levels.

In Japanese studies, this has been shown to have considerable positive effects on heart disease. In independent tests Clevedon Coast oysters have been shown to register the highest hypotaurine levels ever recorded.

We see these results as an endorsement of our policy to only grow a completely natural product in the world's premier oyster growing environment.

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